HostGator VS BlueHost | Reviews & Comparison in India 2017

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Thus the online market has been grown up very high in last few years. Everyone wants to start or grow their business or personal or company appearance. Choosing the right web hosting service may be a tedious task because there is so many online websites available for the firm. If you are looking for affordable, powerful, better uptime speed and managed web hosting services then Hostgator VS Bluehost India are two better options than any other ordinary web hosting provider companies.

Thus the competition has risen excessively; the hosting companies are making improvement in their products and services so they can engage with their clients for long period. Picking the perfect one is little tough between several best and powerful web hosting service providing companies. We have been exploring several factors of many hosting services and after total exploration; we are here to discuss the difference between Hostgator and Bluehost. Their comparison depends on basic and main hosting factors like price, support, and availability etc.

Comparing Hostgator VS Bluehost between Features & Services

Let’s take a look between these two top leading web hosting provider companies around the globe. Hostgator VS Bluehost, both companies collaborate with us for some time. They both have a goodwill in the market and loyal amount of costumer. So this will be also the reason to confuse which one is better for customers.

Here you will clearly see the difference between both Hostgator and Bluehost Hosting Provider Companies 2017 in India. In this article Hostgator VS Bluehost, you will explore the distinction of a better hosting service factors like its performance, server response, user interface, timing test, uptime, features and pricing, reliability and customer support etc.

Performance Test

Hostgator-VS-Bluehost-Performance Test


Performance matters the most. A good website considers by its performance. When the matter comes to performance then both Bluehost VS Hostgator provides the best performance to their customers. The performance is almost the same and better too. So it may be tough to define the actual cons and pros of both hosting provider companies. One main difference between them is Hostgator provides extra multiple layers of network security along with state of the art data centers with backup facilities. Where Bluehost offer the ordinary but advance performance at all. Both companies uses AMD Opteron 6000 Series CPUs with DDR3 ECC RAM for their servers.

Uptime Speed



Uptime relates the most for a better website and better web hosting service too. Great uptime speed provides the fast running websites and also helps to the visitors to stay tuned with a website that has good uptime speed. A website will be work better if it running up with great speed. BlueHost and Hostgator Web Hosting Providers, both offer great uptime speed up to 99.99% speed, which is just awesome. If you choose a company that provides less than 99% uptime speed then your website can face lack of reduction of your website on search engine. A good website is considered by its uptime speed for visitors and search engine too. It will cost some extra bucks but choose the maximum uptime web hosting server will prove the best in speed and reliability.

Price plans and features

It is the most confusing question for customers that which one has the perfect price and features. Cheap Hostgator and Bluehost both offer the affordable pricing according to their features.  Both companies offer three initial price and features plans. All the plans and features are affordable efficient too. Hostgator offer effective and affordable plans where Bluehost was also not expensive but gave the edge to Hostgator Easily. To clear the confusion between the Hostgator and Bluehost price and features here we are giving the startup plan that can help you to choose the perfect one according to price and features.

Comparison Attribute Hostgator Bluehost
Plan Name Hatchling Plan Standard Plan
Price Rs. 222 p/m Rs.209 p/m
Disk Space Unlimited Storage Unmetered Storage
Bandwidth Unlimited Transfer Unmetered Bandwidth
Register Domains 1 1
Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Emails




Comparison Attribute Hostgator Bluehost
Plan Name Baby Plan Business Plan
Price Rs.375 p/m Rs.299 p/m
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unmetered
Register Domains Unlimited Domains 3
Email Accounts Unlimited  Email Unlimited Email




Comparison Attribute Hostgator Bluehost
Plan Name Business Plan Pro
Price Rs.595 p/m Rs.399 p/m
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Register Domains Unlimited Domains Unlimited Domains
SSL Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts

Hostgator VS Bluehost India both offer affordable and reliable plans. You can easily compare both of them depends on pricing and features. All the plans are efficient and affordable. Both of them also offer 45 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service.

Server Response Rate

If you are going to start your personal or business website then you should know that Server response matters for a perfect website. A study proves that there is a direct connection between speed and finances. A slow website can affect your sales and lack of visitors. The Aberdeen Group led an examination and found that a postponement of just 1-second outcomes in 11% less site hits, a 16% decrease in consumer loyalty and a 7% drop in transformation rates.

We have studied so long about to capture the server response rate of Hostgator and Bluehost and we find that both of them offering reliable and fast server response rate.

Response time of site hosted on Hostgator is –

  • Minimum Response Time: 258.07 milliseconds.
  • Maximum Response Time: 3.2 seconds.

Response time of site hosted on Bluehost is –

  • Minimum Response Time: 915.53 milliseconds.
  • Maximum Response Time: 2.6 seconds

Customer Support and Service Team

We also analyze the customer support service of Hostgator and Bluehost. As a good web hosting service provider, they need to provide hassle-free support and services to their clients. The team has to be available there when anyone needs some help related to web hosting services. HostGator VS BlueHost both organizations made a benchmark when it came to CSA. They both have fabulous Customer Support Team that is responsive anytime.



Both provide another option to get support from their customer executive through live chat. You can do live chatting with experts and easily can get the resolution of your problem. Here we also study about their response time to get engaged with their customer support executive. Here we find the big difference between these two big and powerful hosting provider companies. We found that Bluehost took about 30-40 seconds to connect a user to their customer executive while Hostgator took 5-6 minutes for the same.

Types of Hosting Services provided by Bluehost and Hostgator

Hostgator VS Bluehost-Hosting-Services

Hostgator VS Bluehost-Hosting-Services

Both well known companies provides reliable, affordable and powerful web hosting services in India. These companies are the top leading companies in this industry just because of their excellent services and affordable pricing. Hostgator is the powerful web hosting services. Here you can choose secure and reliable web hosting services for every type of online business whether it is small business or mass business, E-commerce websites, listing websites or etc. Let’s take a Hostgator VS Bluehost Reviews on their web hosting services:

Shared Hosting – Both companies offers Shared Hosting that is always the perfect  option for small entrepreneurs. If you are willing to start your online business and your website is limited stuff then Hostgator Shared Hosting or Bluehost Shared Hosting will be the best for it.

Shared WordPress Hosting – WordPress Hosting for Windows and Linux is the most demanded and reliable web hosting services in India. Both, Hostgator VS Bluehost provides affordable WordPress Hosting to start a perfect website for blogging, articles, reviews and more. The main features you will get with Hostgator or Bluehost WordPress Hosting is that you can create your website without any type of coding or extra  effort. It offers one click installation for maximum essential tools and plug-ins.

Reseller Hosting – Reseller Hosting or plans are designer to let your earn some money through them as well as keep handling your online presence. You can also build your own web hosting company by acquiring hosting clients. Bluehost and Hostgator Web Hosting India, both offers Reseller Hosting at affordable prices. You will get Unlimited Domains, Sub-domains, emails, FTP accounts, MY SQL accounts, etc, flexible control panel, private name servers and 99.99 uptime guaranteed.

VPS Hosting – VPS or Virtual Private Network Web Hosting is the most powerful web hosting services. It is the choice for massive websites that can create huge traffic. It is based on Cloud Technology that provides extra smoothness, reliability and flexible server management. Hostgator VS Bluehost India offers reliable and powerful VPS Hosting to create the wonderful website. Their prices are not same but they both are offering powerful KVM VPS Web Hosting  for a powerful website.

How to consider the best one between Hostgator VS Bluehost?

If choosing the perfect one for your online business is still confusing then we are here to help you between picking the perfect web hosting provider. Hostgator is one of the reputed and user-friendly web hosting service providers in the world. Their basic plans are economical and affordable too. They provide the advanced features and services to their clients. Hostgator is the perfect option if you are going to build a bigger website for your business like e-commerce website and etc. Prices of Hostgator hosting services are little high than Bluehost but it is worth according to their features. Hostgator provides better discounts for their new customers. So if you are going to purchase your first hosting from Hostgator then it will prove cheaper than its regular price.

Bluehost is also the best option for the small business entrepreneur. Its plans are affordable and under in budget to start your small business. Here you will get all the latest features with affordable or lowest prices. Bluehost in India is rank as one of the top leading web hosting provider companies. Its services are reliable and 100% profitable. Hostgator VS Bluehost reviews and comparison are clear now. You can easily grab the perfect service to host your website in perfect manner.